Rehabilitative Dentistry – Bite Family Dental
Comprehensive Evaluation
A look at your smile, your bite, your teeth, and the health of your mouth as a whole.
Restorative Dentistry
Taking what’s broken and making it whole again; removing disease to progress toward health.
Rehabilitative Dentistry
Do you have concerns about your smile or your ability to chew your food? We can do some really fun stuff to rebuild a beautiful smile.
Health maintenance
We want to support your ongoing health by providing therapy and advice that keeps you smiling for a lifetime.
Family Dentistry
We are proud to serve the whole family and want everyone to have a great smile!
Esthetic Dentistry
How can we help you smile more often?

Rehabilitative Dentistry

This is the type of dentistry that replaces something that’s missing or broken. If missing teeth are affecting your smile or your ability to chew your food we can help. There are simple ways and more comprehensive ways to rebuild the esthetics and function of a beautiful smile.

You’re going to love your new smile.

When you think of a beautiful smile, you likely have an image in your head that’s made up of lots of straight, white teeth. But for many people this is not the reality. You may have missing teeth from when you were a kid or from injury or disease. You may have worn and broken down teeth. You may have teeth that are stained or out of position. Sometimes these are acceptable signs of a life well lived.

However, if you’re tired of hiding your mouth behind your hand when you laugh, or if you want to be able to bite into a fresh apple again, we can help.
Whether you’re looking to replace a tooth with a dental implant or a bridge, straighten your teeth with clear aligners, or need dentures, we can help you achieve the results you want.

Do you have sore, broken down, or loose teeth?

We want you to see the benefits of a healthy smile and then come alongside you with tools and tips to help you get there. If you have a something that’s bothering you about your teeth or mouth let us know how we can help.