Restorative Dentistry – Bite Family Dental
Comprehensive Evaluation
A look at your smile, your bite, your teeth, and the health of your mouth as a whole.
Restorative Dentistry
Taking what’s broken and making it whole again; removing disease to progress toward health.
Rehabilitative Dentistry
Do you have concerns about your smile or your ability to chew your food? We can do some really fun stuff to rebuild a beautiful smile.
Health maintenance
We want to support your ongoing health by providing therapy and advice that keeps you smiling for a lifetime.
Family Dentistry
We are proud to serve the whole family and want everyone to have a great smile!
Esthetic Dentistry
How can we help you smile more often?

Restorative Dentistry

We value your dental health (and smile!) as much as you do. Restorative dental procedures take what’s broken and make it whole again; removing disease in order to progress toward health.

Restoring health and function

We pride ourselves on our ability to walk each patient through a personalized treatment pathway leading you back to oral health. The first steps are often to decrease inflammation and remove disease. This can mean removing teeth but more commonly it’s only removing decay from teeth.

Additionally, the tissues around teeth (gums and bone) want to be free from infection and inflammation. Periodontal therapy involves a little more than cleaning your teeth but that’s the easiest way to put it – a cleaning. We’ve got a few more advanced methods of cleaning your teeth than you’ve got at home. Let us support what you’re already doing to keep bad bacteria and pathogens from causing too much trouble around your teeth.

Do you have sore, broken down, or loose teeth?

We want you to see the benefits of a healthy smile and then come alongside you with tools and tips to help you get there. If you have a something that’s bothering you about your teeth or mouth let us know how we can help.