Comprehensive Evaluation
A look at your smile, your bite, your teeth, and the health of your mouth as a whole.
Restorative Dentistry
Taking what’s broken and making it whole again; removing disease to progress toward health.
Rehabilitative Dentistry
Do you have concerns about your smile or your ability to chew your food? We can do some really fun stuff to rebuild a beautiful smile.
Health maintenance
We want to support your ongoing health by providing therapy and advice that keeps you smiling for a lifetime.
Family Dentistry
We are proud to serve the whole family and want everyone to have a great smile!
Esthetic Dentistry
How can we help you smile more often?

We believe in making life better for others.

At Bite Family Dental we want to help improve your smile and your quality of life. We believe that a smile is more than a set of teeth and comes from a full and healthy life. So we support a number of organizations who we think brighten the smiles of our community.

Pinnacles Football Club

Locally, we are proud to support the Pinnacles Football Club. Spend a day out on the pitch playing the beautiful game of soccer and try not to smile!

Globally, we are committed to supporting vulnerable women and children through our donations to the work of Ally Global.

We support children’s health and safety.

It is every parent’s dream that their children grow to be happy, healthy and safe.

We are committed to protecting and supporting the health, safety and legal rights of children wherever we do business in the world, in line with relevant laws and local customs. That’s why we’re proud supporters of Ally Global.